Wearable RFID Reader

The Quest for a true UHF RFID wearable reader

Max Productivity

Easier, handsfree, uninterrupted routine tasks

Enhanced Operations

Faster operations with fully automated continuous scans, better inventory management


High quality design with world class API and the most secure cloud operations

Employee Engagement

Increased Employee Satisfaction & Comfort

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Wearable Reader

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  • 860-960 MHz (Worldwide frequency coverage)

  • Read distance of about 1 m (~3 feet) at 23 dBm

  • Adjustable read ranges/ up to 27dBm out-put power

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB-C communications

  • Automatic data storage / 32 Mb-100.000 tag events

  • Programmable sound alert system to indicate the tag read, critical battery and low memory

  • User friendly interface

    • One control button (on/off) and LED indicators for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, battery, scanning, sensor status, and memory.

    • Start/stop the scanning by tapping on the device

  • Small form factor : 58 (W) x 92 (L) x 24 (H) mm

  • Weight: 154 gr (iPhone 12 is 164 gr)

  • Ruggedized, weather resistant (IP54)

  • Ergonomic, easy to wear

  • Stable and comfortable

  • Increased battery life: up to 8 hours with sensor-enabled scan

  • Sensor-enabling scan detects movement, orientation, rotation, and tilt

  • using patented accelerometer and gyroscope sensors design

  • Intelligent duty cycle embedded in the firmware assures device stays within FCC regulated safety limits.

  • Native C++ SDK


  • Zthru Cloud API support