Sensor Tag

Sensor Tag

A dependable, easy to deploy temperature monitoring and alert platform for food and drug retail businesses eager to protect their goods, brands, and customers.

  • Focus on store’s profitability with payback most likely achieved with first alert notification!

  • Easy and quick installation with no disruption of store operation

  • Minimum involvement of retailer’s IT and Maintenance groups

  • Intuitive design and software enable immediate action

  • Checking temperatures will no longer take time away from customers

  • No more calls from 3rd parties to the store to “check on alarms”

  • Main goal is to “save perishable products” from spoilage!

  • Quick identification of equipment with temperature excursion provides time to prevent food loses from happening

  • Reduces store’s shrink by preventing discarded, discounted, and returned foods dur to temperature excursions


  • Low-Energy (BLE) Temperature TAG

    • Easy to program

    • Easy to install

    • Designed to be in direct contact with food

    • Sealed to resist high humidity and cold environments

    • Easy to clean and disinfect

    • LCD allows temperature and ID visualization

    • Long battery life

  • Store Data Collector and Communications Device

  • Intuitive cloud-based application with event-based alert notifications

  • Recyclable TAG Program for Retailers

  • Subscription-based Service Model

  • BLE 4.2 communication to any Bluetooth smart device

  • Wide operating temperature range of
    -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)

  • 0.3°C temperature accuracy

  • NIST certified and calibrated

  • Certified to FCC and CE regulations

  • Waterproof, washable and food safe enclosure (IP65 - certified) – NSF certification in progress.

  • 1-year estimated battery life

  • On device display

  • Fast beaconing of current temperature and alerts

  • Native C++ SDK

  • Zthru Cloud support


  • Real-time temperature data for stationary units

  • Measuring temperature at every 10 minutes and beacons the temperature

  • Display current temperature via button press

  • Configurable product ID through display

  • Option to configure different threshold alert parameters for different product IDs

    • Such as the current tag has threshold alerts for ID ≥ 10.0 if t < 33°F and t > 42°F

  • Low battery alerts

  • 150m read range (standard tag), can go up to 400m if it is needed

  • Washable and reusable closure

  • Unique ID through BLE address


Safer / Energy Efficient / Sustainable Operation

Z-Thru’s patent pending sensor tag is the only washable, food contact encrypted wireless temperature tag in the market that can measure the actual temperature of the food and not the air. The tags are directly programmable through the on-device display and buttons for an easy, cost-effective and secure implementation.